Thursday, 5 August 2010

"Super Student"

assalamualaikum wbt...

JOM! 2010: Day 1 Mencari Kecemerlangan "Super Student"
by: Dr Tg Shahrom (DR T)

"Why u chose to further ur study in UK/Ireland?"

no one can give the answer for this simple question..
hurmm..i wonder y...

Dr T further his talk by giving us statement that can wake up our mind for a second..
I wonder if you can accept it or not but it's reality that u can't say no to it..

He tried to shift our paradigm by telling us stories bout his lifetime stories which can be beneficial for all of us before we land on the new place that we know no one except ourselves.

"U don't even know why u were created for; so how can u explain about other questions that have been asked to u..Basically, u have to know that who u really are, which supposed to be, u have a strong answer in ur mind about who u are.. U supposed to give the most exact n strong answer that no one can denies the answer which is U R A MUSLIM; this simple answer can guides u to have strong idea about which pathway that u gonna to choose in da future"

Why this slot, we called it as "SUPER Student"?

Let me tell you a little bit regarding our title which should be something that quite important for u and I to get rough idea about what the talk is all about.. :)

SUPER is basically defined as EXCELLENT, OVER, or ABOVE the limit
SUPER is higher/richer/greater in quality/quantity/degree of something :)

Can we ever imagine that everything that we get since we were born are not due to our own efforts but they happened all because Allah has chosen you to receive all of His gifts..
It is better if u can realise that u r THE CHOSEN ONE n SPECIAL :D

Bear in ur mind that ALLAH has Chosen you to be a better person, gifted so that u can show your thankful to Him even more, inshaALLAH

"You are not deserved to get anything that owns today if ALLAH decided not to choose you to get it"

ALLAH can give anything that He Owns to anyone that He wants but He has chosen you, so should you still looking for excuses not to obey Him?
He can simply chose whoever He wants, yet He still can replace you with others if He wants to do that.. He is the Most Almighty Subhanallah :D

If you think you are not good enough today or maybe u love to be always on the top, once you falled u will feel very terrible and very difficult to start your life all over again, but have u ever compare yourself with Rasulullah SAW and his fellow friends which is so much suffering and so much difficult compared to what you ever experienced before this, yet they still love to show their thankful to ALLAH by obeying Him. You yourself can do the same thing if u really luv to..inshaALLAH He will bless you and give something else that will benefits you even more :)


Basically, it is very simple for u and I to be SUPER STUDENTS, we just need to obey His rules and always refer to al-Quran and as-sunnah whenever u need guidance.
[3:140] ALLAH has promised that u will become even a better muslim who succeeds in his/her life if the person obey His rules (amar makruf nahi mungkar), be loyal to ALLAH (beriman kepada ALLAH)

We bring identity of Islam when we are at overseas, they do not look you as MALAY or even Malaysian, sometimes they even did not know where is Malaysia is, but they will know if u r telling them that you are a muslim
Sometimes, we do not need to tell them that we r a muslim as action speaks louder than words..
Be a good example (qudwah) to everyone including to those non-muslims, always remember that YOU ARE TESTIMONIALS OF ISLAM, so that whenever, where ever you are, always keep in your mind, to be a good example for everyone. Hopefully people will be attracted to know Islam better and respect our Deen even better :)

whenever anyone asked you, why u have become a successful person in ur life?
Simply answer it with a simple quote;