Saturday, 5 June 2010

ISRAEL yang "BIJAKSANA", kami tidak buta

dengan nama ALLAH yang Maha Pemurah
Maha Penyayang
tiada Tuhan melainkan ALLAH
Rasulullah SAW itu pesuruh ALLAH

are you ready to see another tonnes of liars made by israel??
and they did that in what-so-called " TOO INTELLIGENT TO BE DEFEATED BY TECHNOLOGIES"
they might tell lies to all people all around the world
uploading lots of pic as their proofs
while eliminating proofs from all of the passengers of the flotilla ships themselves
they even can be called as cowards for that
creating FLICKR n uploading all those pictures
by assuming we are so stupid to believe that
yeahhh maybe we are not so high-tech
but those are TOO SIMPLE for us to understand
u can't even win when it comes to technologies

info obtained after i've visited
which have revealed these lies to me..
alhamdulillah for this news..
not surprising at all
as they have kept all of the proofs (cameras, laptops, etc) which belong to the passengers
so they can create many more " TRUE STORIES" behind THEIR THOUSAND LIES!!

other info can be obtained from FLICKR israel
which tell us lots of REAL NEWS eventhough they did not mean to spread the truth
ALLAH has helped us to reveal them through the Israel themselves

1st lie:

** the lie begins smoothly
yeahh it looks real that the pic has been taken on the date the incident happened
believe me, visit this page and click
the secret will be revealed
as smooth as the lies have been created
(see below)

similar case for this pic as well

Almost all new digital cameras save JPEG (jpg) files with EXIF (Exchangeable Image File) data. Camera settings and scene information are recorded by the camera into the image file. Examples of stored information are shutter speed, date and time, focal length, exposure compensation, metering pattern and if a flash was use

regarding this EXIF data obtained, some users give their comments about the validity of the data
as data shown that the camera used were released after the "original date and time" the pictures have been taken
proving that these are real
maybe the cameraman forgot to set the time and date before they capture those pictures
it makes sense as well
eventhough some of them telling that the time has been set up automatically by the satellite, no need to be set up by the cameraman
so both of these probabilities might be right and wrong
only ALLAH knows what really happen over there

flickflickusr says:

to everyone about "false" date :
This camera was announced
on June 1st 2006

and was on market later.

This picture
was not taken on febuary 2006, it's impossible

The camera was just reset about a month ago, without time/date set.

Check and do some research before saying they publish false information !
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can u see diz...



if people are telling the truth, why should you hide the extra info when people keep complaining about the EXIF datas?
u should really stand for "justice" for yourself
no need to hide those info
making people really believe that were ur planned agenda to lie us...
if u r really bringing the truth for all over the world, can u show us the proof from the passengers of the flotilla
can we see da differences??

i'm not saying that u r wrong, encik2 Israel
but i juz asking for the truth..
yeahh maybe the date is wrong..
what's the truth??