Thursday, 3 June 2010


dengan nama ALLAH yang Maha Pemurah
Maha Penyayang
tiada Tuhan melainkan ALLAH
Rasulullah SAW itu pesuruh ALLAH

jazakillah kpd seorang ukhti yang telah meluangkan masa berceloteh kepada diri ini
banyak nasihat yang diberikan
1istilah yang ukhti itu berikan kepadaku jadilah GHURABA
apakah itu?

Rasulullah SAW says:
"this deen begins as a stranger
it will be return again as a stranger!!
so welcome
glad tiding to all strangers!!"

so we are strangers!!
when Rasulullah SAW who well known as al-ameen, truthful came to his people
giving da'wah
ask them to follow him, give up their idols and obey ALLAH n worship no1 except ALLAH taala
they thought Rasulullah is saying something strange

Rasulullah SAW who was respected, trusted, who was loved, who was known by his people even his uncle,
that day he became a STRANGER

Umar Ibn Khattab, the patriot among the Quraisy
the man who's willing to kill Rasulullah SAW
on the day he came to kill Rasulullah SAW
he too became a

what happened to Muhammad??
when u start to follow Rasulullah SAW's ways (sunnah), people thought u as a stranger
if u don't like it, i don't care

we must be willing to become
when we became strangers, it will affect our life
it will cause people to misunderstand you
it will make you sometimes even doubt yourself

you might loose your friends
when your partner wanna divorce
they are telling u
u have becoming

when sisters change to a better Muslim
her husband says "what happen to you?"
when the husband left you
because you have becoming extremist
so now the sister has become a

if your husband leave you, pray to ALLAH
ask ALLAH to give us another stranger
to give us someone else
who is also a stranger
only belong to a

YOU and I should willing to become
we should want to be part of the return of th
e stranger
no matter what non-muslim do to blow out the light of ALLAH taala
by no matter ways they are doing which against ISLAM
They will never wipe out Islam
ALLAH will perfect His light through His

we ask ALLAH taala to make YOU and I to become part of the strangers
we ask ALLAH taala to give our sons and daughters the love for the strangers
we ask ALLAH taala that our sons and daughters that have taken off their cloths, out in jahiliyyah world, who selling drugs, who's in the club etc
they will coming back to be part of the strangers
we ask ALLAH the Muslims who are here will come back to the mosque in the fajr to pray with the strangers
when the Muslims all around the world, when they come out and began to pray in the masjid as strangers,
ALLAH will give back their Earth,
ALLAH will give the success to strangers
with ISLAM then they will be back

you should not ask the rewards as strangers when you are not acting like the strangers!!


muhasabah diri
go back n check ourselves
have we really became ghuraba??
have we turn ourselves to be strangers??
are we really act as strangers??
ya ALLAH give the strength for everyone of us to stay on this right path
please never let's us astray from this deen

i have watched this short film posted on youtube
regarding a life of an engineered student who finally has found the true purpose of the life..
alhamdulillah Ahmed has became a stranger as well

inshaALLAH you will enjoy it n get some good input from the 3 videos from brother Omair Mazhar

part 1

part 2

part 3

inshaALLAH bermanfaat