Friday, 30 April 2010

me n my lab samples :)

assalamualaikum wbt


dengan nama ALLAH yang Maha Pemurah
Maha Penyayang

tiada Tuhan melainkan ALLAH
Rasulullah SAW itu pesuruh ALLAH


bertemu lagi kita

semalam ada lab bacteriology


there is even more surprises for me!!~*


guess what?

yesterday we all are required to isolate gastrointestinal bacterial pathogens

looking at da topic

what kind of samples that we all have to examine?

what has come across to ur mind?tell me~~ :)

haha if u know, u r really good!!

yeahh maybe some of u knew about it already

talking about gastrointestinal thingy it should be something related to dat "thing" rite?



we are given 3 faecal samples from people suffering from gastroenteritis

can u eva imagine how "great" is that surprise to me?

last months, we have to do some experiments using urine, nose swab, wounds, neck sore, piercing n etc

they all are still ok for me


yesterday is really a great "present" for me

very surprising lol

suddenly need to streak dat stuffs on 12plates...


very challenging!!


it's my challenge as a student

i have chosen this path

so i cannot turn back


i have to!!

with smile :)

no force against me myself because it's also 1 way of learning

1way of knowing da creature of ALLAH as well

da microbes live everywhere


some of them very pathogenic to humans

so by examining the plates from different sources of samples at least we can minimize the possibility of other people from suffering from that pathogenic bacterial again and again

is not great to learn something new from something that we neva expect before?


it's cool!!!~~*

even though it might sounds very "euuuuuu" to all of us

but that "euuuuuu" things can save lots of people if we r really willing to do dat


that "euuuu" is nothing compare to those valuable life that we can save by preventing this kinda of pathogens from infecting people ~~*

i luv my work!!

i luv to discover new things!!

i luv when i can c da world with a new perspective

i luv when ALLAH gimme chance to know all of these knowledge

-very2 comel!!~~*-


whateva u learnt about mocrobes n how they are spreading n infecting humans,

do u eva realised that,

u will always get more n more surprises in da future

about how to culture that bacteria from unexpected sources of samples

before this during the internship program

i have to examine food samples which have been quite smelly, BASI already


then still need to process it using that "stomatch-i-forgot-its-name"

to crunch all the solid substances into liquid form

n it's quite "eiuuuuuuuuu" to see dat

yet they are doing that for the sake of saving people's life

to determine either that pathogenic microbes living happily eva after inside that food samples or not

help to prevent food poisoning from occuring again n again

is not it great??


-so cute!!~~*-


thanks ALLAH for giving diz chance to know more about ur creatures

mula2 eiiuuuu, but i really hope i can change my NAWAITU that im learning for da sake of ALLAH...

so anything; more surprises waiting for me,


i will be as calm as wind

i will be as ready as i can be


inshaALLAH i will be as thankful as YOU want me to be

amiin :)