Sunday, 2 May 2010

how a camel find an oasis? :)

assalamualaikum wbt


dengan nama ALLAH yang Maha Pemurah
Maha Penyayang

tiada Tuhan melainkan ALLAH
Rasulullah SAW itu pesuruh ALLAH

do u eva wonder how a camel can find an oasis that miles away from it?

yeahhh it's ALLAH will therefore that camel finally will meet dat oasis..

besides that??

any ideas??

ok let me tell you all something about it

actually there is an organic compound that can give the smell of freshly dug soil

it is a distinct earthy flavor n aroma

responsible for the earthy taste of beets


it contributes to the strong scent that iccurs in the air when there is rainfalls after a dry spell of weather or when the soil is disturbed :)

thx 4 wikipedia for that definition of GEOSMIN.

camels can actually detect da smell of GEOSMIN

that had been produced by Streptomyces miles away in wet ground (oasis)

and then track the GEOSMIN to find an oasis

on their ways home, they will carry away and disperse the spores of the Streptomyces bacterium

i think it's very fascinating ways how ALLAH has arranged everything PERFECTLY for everyone

even a very tiny microorganism like Streptomyces can conticute to the survival of the camels


ALLAH has Created us

He planned for us

instead He is THE BEST PLANNER eva!!

no one can challenges HIM

logically, who can against the Creature?

when u are created with limitations, we have to rely on each other so that we can benefit the most from what ALLAH has Created for us

it is SYMBIOSIS :)

ALLAH jadikan setiap yang ada di bumi ini saling melengkapi

we cant even live if there is no animals/plants out there

n not to be forgotten

we also cant live without microbes all over the place now


how well it is

very well-planned by ALLAH :)

tahu tak, ada banyak sangat microbes living inside n outside of our our body?


sebelum ni suka sangat cakap "BACTERIA" kalau tak suka apa2

tapi bila i myself realised about how numerous amounts of them living around my body, i myself feel quite amazed


selama ini i always thought like they are all very "cruel" -in their own manner

infecting people, make people sakit here and there

haha...luckily im wrong

because actually we can even find Micrococcus, Staphylococcus n so many unexpected microbes around us


how "lucky" the person is

if suddenly he/she is able to culture a fungal from his/her body LOL

actually im totally amazed how ALLAH has planned all of these

symbiosis :)

it teaches me a lotz

yeahhh i luv the quote from Umar r.a saying that there is no Islam without jamaah


bcoz in our life as well, we need each other to survive

dat's y we need to unite, therefore we can rely on each other

helping each other to get a better life :)

betullah saranan ALLAH

if u want to see ALLAH's Greatness, look at you yourself, look at ur surroundings, look out for everything that ALLAH has Created on this Earth for u

inshaALLAH u can able to see a lot of magnificent things around you

proving that ALLAH Maha Berkuasa