Thursday, 21 April 2011

She's beautiful, She's not! She's proper muslimat, she's not?

Hi Assalamualaikum...

This time I would like to raise an issue on mentality.

Our mentality.


Do you know what mentality stands for ?

Is it mental capability ?

mental quality ?

mental in reality ?

or else level of mental difficulty ?

? ? ? ?

Or .. ,

do you think my question is not really an issue ?



Well that's mentality.

Some are thinking whilst some are not even bothering to answer at all.

This is 1 good example on mentality right ?

Reading the same line but deviating miles away in a way of

thinking and responding.



As for me, I certainly answer that mentality is mental stability.

Because why people,

our mentality keeps changing,

keeps fluctuating.

It is not concrete.

It depends.

It is not stable throughout life.

Once stable mind and ideal influences blends together,

I can assure that there would be

sound and solid judgement that can be made.

Thought of people also shapes our mentality thoroughly.

Because most of the time,

our mentality has wide coverage to connect to peoples' saying.

Ok I'm not going to evaluate more on the meaning of mentality.

Just to confirm here,

our mentality is totally different.

To some extent, some people seems reluctant, evasive, and disagree

on what we are believe for,

on what we are argue for.


To be borne in mind,

in some special cases,

we have nothing to do with mentality.

none of it !

Because its all fixed folks !

All facts ..

All we have to do is to take it as a whole.

Why do we have to manipulate Allah's command with reason of mentality .. ?

"Kenapa kalau orang cakap OK, tapi agama kata tak OK, kita masih terikut-ikut kata orang ?"

"Kenapa terpengaruh dengan mentaliti orang lain sedang diri punya pendirian ?"

This is quite basic actually but people prefer to treat this

as a complicated ones.

-can't help it-

Ok see here. This common scenario completes my point on mentality :

Spot any weird symptoms with the first left girl ?

Nothing rite ?

The second one is deadly a weirdo.

But ,

my dearie girlfriends,

in view of Islam, it is weird and impermissible to mix and match

the things that really can't match.

I'm stressing on aurah.

Did you notice in the first picture :

the arm part of a Muslim's female is an aurah and supposed to be covered ?

The arm is the part in which we have to fully cover it,

not halfway,

not on-the-way,

not "InsyaAllah..1 day".

What's the different you expose your leg part rather than the arm part ?

I bet it is the same.

Both parts are aurah.

But still we believe that exposing the bottom leg part

with scarf on head,

is purely a crazy thing that

a normal girl would never try it out.

Because we have seen Muslim women's dressing up like this,

"berbaju lengan 3 suku atau mungkin tak sampai sesuku pun"

like so many times ,

it is somehow acceptable.

So sad la..

Cannot la actually ..

unless you put on your "arm socks".

Again concerning, I show you this :

Familiar rite with this "baju inner" ?


why must buy the S-sized one ?

"I dunno.. I bought it online."

So then ?

Offline je la ..

Go and buy directly with the seller.



Okey past is past.

Next time please buy the proper size k ?


Ok based on what we've been clearly taught,

these two are both forbidden,

not covering our aurah completely

and also

wearing those tight-tight dress

and legging as well.

Do not rely on others judgement.

You think people can still compromise, then simply you wear.

Come on babe ..stick on your own rules.

You had once told yourself,

"I should cover my aurah properly,

so that Allah will count on me,

will love me,

will grant me,"

So why did you change all of a sudden ?

Is there any better choice ?


So people,

now it is the time that

you are about to ,

reset the mentality !

Change our incredulous mentality,

for the sake of our beloved Muslims' community.



Wallahua'lam :)