Saturday, 24 October 2009


ASSALAMUALAIKUM brothers n sisters

1. Set ur priorities in ur life
~give the priority to the big thing first rather than targeting the small, not so important things
u have 2 empty bottle..u have to fill in sand into it and make it go around 1stone inside it..(bg pasir2 tu meliputi semua ruang di sisi batu yg 1 tu)
how will u do it?

A. put the stone 1st and then pour the sand into the bottle
B. place the stone into the bottle rite afta u filled in the sand

in order to get the expected result, u shud give da priority to the stone 1st as it's bigger in size rather than the sand,..( i hope u can understand; if u put the sand 1st, the stone will b placed on top of the sand, not being mixed thoroughly as expected 2 be observed)

2. planning ur life ahead
~ set one short term planning (daily basis, weekly n etc)
~set one long term planning (3yrs-course in uni, life afta uni, etc)

3.schedule ur time
~ALLAH has set 5prayers for MUslims.. indirect way, there is 5different time have been divided y not we make use of diz gift from ALLAH efficiently :D

4. aware of ur support system at uni

5. be honest to urself
~don't always deny ur weakness
~discuss with ur personal supervisor if u find any problems that u encounter with
(they r here to help u)

6. WRITE DOWN ur abilities and weakness
~don't juz say it but WITE it down
~plan ahead

7. WRITE DOWN what u wanna achieve in ur life
~list down why u can't achieve ur goals n find the solutions ASAP

8. balance ur life
~divide ur time equally:
* personal developments
*cultural aspects
* religious
* study
* sports

~learn about other cultures and religious (open ur mind )

Q&A sessions

"imagination is more important than knowledge" Albert Einstein

how Islam agrees or disagrees with this statement?

without knowledge, imagination cannot be created yet we need the imagination to beautify the knowledge

being too ambitious is not always good, Down to Earth is better (being more realistic)

Q: In Islam is there any particular subjects that r haram for us to learn?
"the best way to know the Creator is to know His creatures"

we need to learn everything to protect ourselves from the harm of anything and to be a good Muslim

Any knowledge is VALID

seek knowledge no matter what it is; what does matter is what we do with the knowledge


1. business management:
~ we learn about riba, interests here and there, is it HARAM for us to learn more about it?? NO!! because we need knowledge to prevent ourself from doing any business deals with interests.. without any knowledge how we suppose to know which business we can deals with and which one we shud keep a distance

2. Criminology
~ we learn about crime.. crime is absolutely wrong in ISLAM. is it all criminology students r doing something against ISLAM?? NO!! they r learning about that subject only not doing the crime
as long as they r not doing any harm by applying their knowledge, the subject will never be HARAM

Q: how to motivate MUSLIMS brothers n sisters to be as same level as the generation of Islamic scholars before this?

A: long time ago, Muslims scholars are very passion to the knowledge
they r willing to sacrifice everything to learn something new
Nowadays, people who are managed to study abroad/at higher level should be more cooperative to those that don't have this kind of chance. Motivates them by telling them stories of how wonderful the life in university is and etc, so that they can be motivated to study harder

phD: addition of body of knowledge
it takes time to finish ur phD because:

1. u have to fully aware of ur research earlier
2. u need to invent something new

lower level :UG, master
1. u need not to invent something new..but if u do, it's a credit 4 u :)